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Role of Chair

The Chair of Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA) has the leadership role for the organisation as well as responsibilities to ensure that governance arrangements are in place for the legal and effective running of the organisation. You can find a full description of the role here.

Key Responsibilities

  1. As a Trustee, the Chair has the same duties and responsibilities as all Trustees as set out in Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act (‘The 2005 Act’)
  2. To lead and enable the Board of Trustees to have a clear charitable purpose, and for SAIA to operate in a manner consistent with that purpose and with its values

  3. To ensure the Board of Trustees have a clear strategic plan and resources to realise its charitable purpose

  4. Provide leadership in ensuring the Trustees can control and manage the charity through their capacity, and the provision of robust data and information as required for good governance /sound decisions
  • To ensure that the structures and decision-making framework(s) of the organisation enable Trustees to provide good governance/ sound decisions   

  • To convene and Chair meetings of the Board of Trustees

  • To provide one-to-one opportunities every 6 months for Trustees to support them in undertaking their role on the Board
  • To provide leadership, support, and supervision to the Lead Officer (s) including Attachment Practice Lead.

Role Description extract from Office Bearers Role Descriptions

Updated September 2022

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