Online PACE Training for All – Jan to March 2024 (NEW twilight delivery)

January 23, 2024, 6:00 pm

Scottish Attachment in Action is certificated and supported by DDPI to offer PACE training. We are excited to pilot a new twilight delivery model for DDP PACE training.  This innovative approach will allow DDP PACE training to be delivered in five two and a half hour(5 x 2.5 hrs) evening sessions in an online format. This DDP PACE Training Course is certificated by the The Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Institute (DDPI).

Twilight PACE Training September is taking place on:

  • Sessions are delivered via Team from 6.00pm – 8.30pm on 23rd Jan, 6th and 20th Feb, 5th and 19th March 2024.
  • PACE is training to support adults to build safe, trusting and meaningful relationships with children and young people who have experienced trauma.
  • PACE (Playful, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy) is the core therapeutic, relational attitude of DDP (Dyadic Developmental Practice).
  • This 12.5 hour course aligns with the Skilled Practitioner, NES National Trauma Training Programme. It is designed to offer both an understanding of the impact of relational trauma on all aspects of children and young people’s development and to offer practical strategies that will support positive emotional, social, educational and behavioural change.
  • This training is suitable for a range of practitioners working in education, social work and health settings as well as for adoptive parents, foster and kinship carers.


More about the Trainers:

The trainers are DDP Connects UK approved PACE Trainers. This means they have undertaken DDP Level 1 and Level 2 Training and are supervised and supported by a DDP Trainer. The Training Associates are professionals in either social work or education. They also have professional and/or personal experience of working with/caring for/teaching children who have experienced developmental trauma.


Session content

The core concepts and practice of PACE will be covered as follows:

Session 1 : The importance of relational connection for human development

  • Theories of attachment and intersubjectivity
  • The dance of attunement, emotional regulation, and reflective functioning
  • Brain development and executive functioning
  • The origin of the attitude of PACE


Session 2: The impact of relational trauma

  • What is relational trauma?
  • The Impact on behaviour, thinking and feeling
  • The trusting and mistrusting brain
  • PACE In practice


Session 3: Survival strategies – how our core beliefs of self shape our relationships

  • Shame and guilt. What’s the difference and why does It matter?
  • How does caring for/teaching children with relational trauma affect the adults? Blocked care and secondary trauma
  • The Importance of PACEful support for the adults


Session 4: The attitude of PACE in action

  • PACE with children in living and learning
  • Practical examples to integrate the theory and day-to-day practice
  • Remaining open and engaged: PACE for self and with other adults


Session 5: Discipline with empathy

  • The two hands of parenting, consequences, and choices
  • Regulate, relate, reason and repair
  • Self-reflection and self-care


All sessions will include an introduction to PACE and reflect on how the attitude of PACE relates to the session content.

There will be opportunities to practice the attitude of PACE and to consider how to provide behavioural support alongside PACE. Participants will come away with an increase in their knowledge, skills and confidence to be PACE-ful.


PLEASE NOTE – In order to gain the DDPI certificate delegates must undertake all five sessions and these can be undertaken in any order. However, if certification is not what you’re looking for then you can also dip in and out by attending the days that are of interest. Please view other events available on our page.

Each session is £75 for a SAIA member or, £125 for a non-member, to attend. If you book the block of all five sessions now you will receive a 10% discount plus one year annual membership of SAIA. 10% discount has been applied at checkout.

You can find out more about becoming a member HERE

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