Why Attachment Matters to Black and Ethnic Minority Families?

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The Robertson Trust has invested in Scottish Attachment in Action’s ‘Why Attachment Matters to Black and Ethnic Minority Families’ Proposal.

Black and ethnic minority families and communities are too often on the edge of services that could offer support. When services are accessed there can be a lack of understanding of societal power and inequality leading to their  voices not being heard and continued ‘othering’.   Funded by The Robertson Trust for three years from 2022, SAIA is embarking on co-creating with parents and community groups a series of workshops that will explore with them Why Attachment Matters.   What is attachment? What do attachment relationships mean to them;  How are these relationships affected by societal power and inequality? How can services  be influenced?  Most importantly, what will be supportive in their own lives,  their family’s  lives and in their communities?  Sustainability beyond the funding in terms of building a community of formal and informal support will be at the forefront of co-creating the content of the workshops.  The impact of the workshops will be evaluated.  More information will be available about   ‘Why Attachment Matters in Supporting Black and Ethnic Minority Families’ as the plan unfolds.

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