How ‘Creating a Trauma-informed Classroom’ Could Transform Your Teaching Practice

Scottish Attachment in Action are proud to support Glasgow-based ASN teacher Sarah Lathan, on the publication of her first book ‘Creating a Trauma-informed Classroom’. Attachment Practice Lead Claire Slocombe discusses why this book written by a teacher for teachers is so impactful.

SAIA supports Scotland’s Ambition, to make it the best place in the world to grow up. Our work is dedicated to promoting understanding of the fundamental importance of attachment relationships.

Key to this is supporting the workforce to put theory into good practice. This superb book can help do that – building teachers’ understanding of the impact of our early experiences on our stress response system and how this affects children in the classroom. The theory presented is considered and accessible and is supported by real-life case-studies that highlight the positive impact of relational practice. Focusing on developing kind and supportive connection with children, this inspiring book will help empower teachers to create trauma-sensitive classrooms in which young people can thrive.

You can purchase your copy of ‘Creating a Trauma-informed Classroom’ here.

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