Why attachment matters – Attachment, Racism and the Impact on Relationships (IN PERSON)

November 11, 2023, 10:00 am

People from Black and Minority Ethnic communities and their families are too often on the edge of services that could offer support. When services are accessed, there can be a lack of understanding of societal power and racism leading to their voices not being heard and continued ‘othering’.

Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA) has secured funding from the Robertson Trust to work with people from Black and Minority Ethnic communities to explore attachment, racism and the impact on relationships.

We are running a series of courses that begin with an explanation of what attachment is and how racism works. 

This in person 2 session course is open to adults from Black and Minority Ethnic communities.

Workshops will explore:-

  • what attachment relationships mean to them;
  • how attachment relationships are affected by societal power and racism;
  • the implications for their relationships with others (e.g. families, communities, service providers);
  • the implications for their relationships with themselves;
  • how they can use their voices to influence services and better support their own lives, their families’ lives and their communities.

These in person workshops will be held on Saturday 11th and Saturday 25th November 2023 from 10am – 4.00pm.

(Light refreshments, child care costs, travel expenses and interpreters, if required, will be provided)

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