Scottish Attachment in Action AGM 2023

Alison MacDonald, SAIA’s chairperson gave some reflections on the year, including the huge amount of changes which had taken place in the previous months. She talked about the perseverance and dedication of Maggie McManus, SAIA’s Development Manager in moving SAIA to the stage it is now at.

Join our Team

Join our team. We are hiring a Communication and Engagement Lead.

New funding – Adoptive Families in Education

In our work with adopters, we repeatedly hear ‘We have had little support and only because we fought really hard for every little thing’. We aim to help adoptive children and their families to address this challenge, bringing their specific needs to the forefront.

The Village – A year of listening, learning and creating

In the space of a year, the digital community the Village has grown into a caring, empathetic, safe space where care experienced parents and parents-to-be can seek support and guidance, in confidence, free from judgement or stigma.

First of its kind delivery for DDP PACE training

This innovative approach will allow DDP PACE training to be delivered in five two and a half hour (5 x 2.5 hrs) evening sessions in an online format. This training is suitable for a range of practitioners working in education, social work and health settings as well as for adoptive parents, foster and kinship carers.

Scottish Attachment in Action appoints Director

Wendy McAuslan will join the team of Scottish Attachment in Action (SAIA), who have welcomed her as an “exceptional leader and advocate” who is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.

Wendy will be responsible for guiding SAIA’s strategic direction, strengthening partnerships with one of her primary goals being to enhance our engagement with key stakeholders, including policymakers, educators, and healthcare professionals.